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Goodyear Custom Fit Car Floor Liners for Subaru XV Crosstrek 2018-2022, Black/Yellow 5pcs. Set, All-Weather Diamond Shape Liner Traps Dirt, Liquid, Rain and Dust, Precision Interior Coverage - GY004140
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Goodyear Custom Fit Car Floor Liners for Subaru XV Crosstrek 2018-2022, Black/Yellow 5pcs. Set, All-Weather Diamond Shape Liner Traps Dirt, Liquid, Rain and Dust, Precision Interior Coverage - GY004140

  • Custom Fit Floor Liners – These car floor liners are developed to fit the exact floor interior layout of your SUV to provide optimal floor coverage with far greater precision than conventional heavy-duty floor liners. These floor liners fit to Subaru XV Crosstrek 2018-2022 SUV (Does Not Fit Hybrid models), Subaru Impreza 2017-2022 Hatchback.
  • Enhanced All-Weather Protection – Our floor liners not only look great in your floorboard they help safeguard fabrics and flooring from dirty shoes, rain and liquid spills, dust and dirt, and general messes caused by drivers and passengers.
  • Reinforced Durability and Resilience – Goodyear floor liners for cars include a special thermoplastic heel pad in the pedal control area to reduce flooring wear and tear; and they also boast a -40°F to 122°F temperature resistance for every climate.
  • Anti-Slip Mesh Backing with Fasteners – Each floor liner is also designed with a slip resistant back to keep them from sliding or bunching up when you’re driving or getting in and out of the vehicle, which further improves floor protection.
  • Quick and Thorough Cleaning Options – The innovative Diamond Shape technology and stronger design means you can do a quick clean by shaking them out with a few quick strokes on the back or power clean them with water and a pressure washer.

Keep your clothes, shoes, and car cleaner with all-weather custom-fit flooring liners designed by Goodyear

You spend a lot of time getting in and out of your vehicle, especially if you’re constantly heading back and forth to work or loading and unloading your kids all day. That means it’s important that you have floor liners that keep your floors from getting stained, dirty, and wet every time someone steps inside. We created these custom-fit Goodyear car floor liners with Diamond Shape technology to ensure the best possible coverage and protection, so you can keep your car looking newer longer.

Better Floor Protection Meets Improved Comfort
The innovative design on our Diamond Shape floor liners not only allows them to trap dirt, mud, and liquids more effectively, it adds to your driving experience. Complete with a slip-resistant backing and fasteners to keep them in place, as well as a heel pad that protects the floor and makes driving more comfortable, you can focus on the road ahead with improved confidence.

All-Weather, Heavy-Duty Rubber

Anti-Slip Mesh Backing

Diamond Shape Technology. Traps Dirt, Mud, Dust, and Liquids

Quick and Easy Clean Up

Includes Front and Rear Liners and Spacers (if applicable)

Includes Two (2) Complimentary License Plate Frames

These floor mats fit to
Subaru\XV Crosstrek\2018-2022\SUV\Does Not Fit Hybrid models|Subaru\Impreza\2017-2022\Hatchback

Protect your vehicle’s floors and fabrics with custom-fit Goodyear floor liners designed with precision.


Read Installation Instruction  

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

About Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is an international manufacturer of tires and other rubber-technical products, including polymers for the automotive and industrial markets.
Founded in 1898 in the city of Akron, Ohio, the company ranks 184th in the Fortune Global 500 (2017) and is named after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber.
In Fortune magazine’s 2015 list of most admired global companies, Goodyear was the highest ranking motor vehicle parts company.
Goodyear were also the first tires on the moon when, in 1971, the Lunokhod Apollo-14 landed on the Moon equipped with Goodyear XLT tires. In 2010, Goodyear won the R&D 100 Award for development of airless tires that can be used on large vehicles on Mars and the Moon.

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